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About Gingerbread Mansion picT caphe celebrated iconic Gingerbread Mansion, with its ornamental cheerful yellow and peach tones, surrounded by a colorful charming English garden, is a perfect example that illustrates the pinnacle of 19th century elegance and epitome of high romance, meticulously revived to the present.  

Exquisitely detailed in ever facet of its design, The Gingerbread Mansion throughout its history has become a landmark of significant architectural and historical relevance to California because of its striking and unique combination of Eastlake and Queen Anne styles which have been elaborately trimmed with gingerbread. It’s enduring historical legacy has made The Gingerbread Mansion one of Northern California’s most photographed buildings,  as well as Humboldt Country Landmark.   The list of references which have pictured and/or mentioned the Gingerbread Mansion is lengthy and includes such impressive publications as National Geographic Magazine, Sunset's California Coast, California Magazine, Travel Magazine and Hidden Country Villages of California and countless noteworthy references.  (For more information please see our Press page).

Victorian LadyOriginally built in 1894 as a residence for Dr.Ring (the local physician), The Gingerbread Mansion has undergone numerous uses.  Including the town hospital in the 1920's and, later, an American Legion Hall.   Then for 16 years, until becoming a Bed and Breakfast Inn, the Mansion was careful restored and landscaped as a private residence.  (To read more on the Mansion's history please see our House History page)

The rooms of the Gingerbread Mansion have a splendid variety of richly detailed features. Each themed room is a different delight to behold. Yet, beyond every door is the similar characteristic of impeccable craftsmanship, antique furnishings, and attention to comfort that give every room its unique aura.
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We invite you to travel back in time to another era to luxuriate your heart and dazzle your senses in Victorian Enchantment, style and charm.  A place than captivate you with the hues of love and beauty in a storybook like setting, an inspiring landscape that will allow you to have an unforgettable experience and create everlasting memories during your stay at the historical gem town of Ferndale.
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In the morning, coffee or tea can be taken to the guest rooms. Downstairs, in the charming dining room, a homemade  Continental breakfast awaits. In the parlors in the afternoons, tea is freely served from 4 to 6.  (See Breafkast and Afternoon Tea page)


We welcome you to create a Victorian Enchantment that captivates the Heart and invite you to explore and discover your own unique experience.  

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