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F caperndale was founded in 1852. A prosperous dairy industry provided the economic base and the means to produce the splendidly ornate buildings. So well-preserved and colorfully painted are the Victorian shops, homes, and farmhouses that the state of California bestowed it as “The Victorian Village". (Read more about Ferndale's History here)

Ferndale’s beauty lies in the familiarity of its architectural lines. The trims of the windows and curves of the rooftop shingles appeal to the child in us who remember tracing these very lines on the pages of a storybook. Ferndale is the combined effort of grown architects who brought painted pictures to life. 

The town is living museum of Victorian treasures. Unlike a regular museum, Ferndale begs to be touched, explored, and experienced. Ferndale sits in the heart of Northern California’s redwood forests and pastoral valleys and perches near the tip of the ocean. Ferndale is a unique blend of oceanic nature and lovely 1800s era civilization. 

Upon exploring Ferndale, one can find the many different types of interests pursued by the wonderful people who live there. The shopkeepers have created a delightfully unique Victorian Main street, complete with something for everyone. 


Bullet Point The Main street of Ferndale  

Take a stroll on the town's historic Main Street District, where art galleries, antique shops and boutiques showcase and sell the precious work of local artisans. (See shops page here for full list).


Flowers from Russ Park


Bullet Point Local Attractions 

Visit the Ferndale Museum and view exhibits that chronologically detail the history of this thriving community. In addition to its display of artifacts, furniture and personal items that have survived since the town was founded, the museum also provides walking tours of the well-preserved town. 

The cemetery is an unexpected historical experience. The site contains markers dating back to the last century. Another attraction is Russ Park, a 105-acre historically preserved site located at the southern edge of Ferndale. It is a short walking distance away from Main Street. (See Attractions page here for full list).



Wine bottle openingBullet Point Wine Tasting
Enjoy a glass of wine on the Redwood Coast

With more than 20 wineries, Humboldt County has some of the most original and distinctive wines on the North Coast. Savor a glass of wine, tour one of the outstanding vineyards or wineries, and see what makes Humboldt County's wines so flavorful and unique. (See Wine Tasting page here for full list).



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Exploring the Natural Wonders abound

Visitors can discover a myriad of pastimes and activities in Humboldt County. This county is home to the Redwood National Park and more than 40 other parks, forests, wildlife reserves and recreation areas. These areas of land combined create half the world's preserved old growth redwood giants. Hiking, scenic drives, camping, biking, wildlife watching await among the forest, along with more outdoor adventures like beachcombing, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking and canopy tours. 

Many well-known wonders of nature exist near The Gingerbread Mansion. Most renowned as the world's largest remaining old-growth coast redwood forest is “The Avenue of the Giants”. It is possible to either drive through the avenue, or park and hike among the giants. Also, located minutes away from The Gingerbread Mansion, lies “The Lost Coast” of Cape Mendocino. “The Lost Coast” is the most beautiful westerly point in the Contintental United States. This area offers spectacular trails to run on, explore, or photograph. Similarly nearby are the Eel and Van Duzen Rivers which are excellent for fishing salmon and trout. These clean and beautiful rivers are also suitable for swimming. To the north, is Eureka’s Old Town and the ruggedly beautiful coast near Trinidad. Though a little farther than a few minutes from The Gingerbread Mansion, they are also exciting to explore.  (See Parks and Nature page here)


DerbyBullet Point Annual Events  

Annual festivals and parades contribute to the perpetual enchantment of Ferndale. Among the events are “The Danish Festival”, “Kinetic Sculpture Race”, “The Humboldt County Fair”, held every August, “The Portuguese Holy Ghost Celebration”, “Cinco de Mayo Folkloric Festival”, “The Village Faire”, “The Pet Parade”, and “Christmas in Ferndale” where the world's tallest Christmas tree is lighted and a lighted tractor parade is displayed.  (See Events Calendar page here)



Ferndale is Northern California’s best kept-secret. Removed from the hustle and bustle of California’s large cities, the small Victorian town retains its vibrant beauty and authenticity. The Gingerbread Mansion, though beautiful and charming, is made complete by the equally special town it calls its home.

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