References to Gingerbread Mansion


Bullet Point The San Francisco Chronicle

        March 1, 2013 

Bullet Point Sunset Magazine
        May 1972

Bullet Point Northern California Magazine
       November 1975, pp 22

Bullet Point Adventures in California
        by F. Coleberd, 1976, pp 58

Bullet Point A guide to Architecture in  San Francisco
        and Norther California  

        by D. Cebbard, R. Montgomery, R. Winter

        J.& S. Woodbridge, 1976 pp 327-329 (#17)

Bullet Point California Living
(San Franscico Chronicle and Examiner)

 January 25, 1976, pp 10-13

 Bullet Point Beautiful California
         Published by Sunset/Lane, 1977 pp 16

Bullet Point National Geographic

       September 1977. pp 330-363 

Bullet Point NRTA Journal 
       (National Retired Teacher's Association)

        May-June 1977, pp 28 

Bullet Point The Redwoods
        and Califrnoa's North Coast
        1977, pp 13  

Bullet Point California Coast
        Published by Sunset/Lane, 1978, pp 13

Bullet Point Classic Magazine,
        June/July 1978, pp 74, 80-83      

Bullet Point Backroad Journeys of the West Coast States
        D. Yeadon, 1979, pp 131-133 

Bullet Point Portfolio
       The Magazine of the Visual Arts
      December/January 1978-80, pp 116-119

Bullet Point Map of the Redwoods Highway
       Illustration of The Gingerbread Mansion

 Bullet Point Ferndale Today and Yesterday 

         J. Young, --37, 40

 Bullet Point West Coast USA
         by I. Van Dam, 1981, pp 155

 Bullet Point California Magazine  (Formerley New West) 

        February 1982, pp 64-72/132-136        

  Bullet Point Exploring the North Coast
         by M. Hayden, 1982, pp 114-117

   Bullet Point Hidden Country Villages of Cailifornia
          by F. Coleberd, 1982, pp 73-87

NOTE: This is only a partial list of specific 
references to The Gingerbread Mansion: 
Most tour books and guides also mention
The Victorian Village of Ferndale which 
been granted State Historical Landmark Status
by California 

Bullet Point Motorland Magazine 
       (California State Automobile Association)

        September/October 1971, pp 20-24  (22


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