About the Inn

The Inn’s Metamophisis

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style=”margin-right: 10px;” src=”https://gingerbread-mansion.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/RingFamily_Photo-219×300.jpg” width=”349″ height=”478″ />Construction of Ferndale’s Gingerbread Mansion began in 1895, commissioned by Dr. Hogan J. Ring.  In 1910,when the town needed a hospital, Dr. Ring generously persuaded the residents of Ferndale to purchase his home and convert it into a hospital. For three years, it was known as the Ferndale General Hospital. Despite the efforts of the citizens of Ferndale, the hospital failed. The hospital was converted into a tenement. Afterwards, it was put for sale. The woman who purchased it, used it as a licensed rest home. Shortly after, two gentlemen, Don Dickerson and Tom Manning, bought the house. The two men transformed the dilapidated house into a Victorian jewel. The home was painted in three colors by two Eureka women who climbed the scaffolding with their bare feet. The furniture inside was replaced with genuine Victorian era antiques. The barren yard was graced with a fountain and laced with a garden. Their combined work was magnificent; The Gingerbread Mansion was born.

The Mansion continued to be passed down to several other owners. For many years, the Gingerbread Mansion crumbled, lost its shine, and began to lose hope. Our present owners, The Redwood Collection Inc.,  restored it once again to a historic inn, a bed and breakfast marvel for guests from all over the world.

Contact Us: 1-707-786-4000

Location & Directions


he Gingerbread Mansion Inn is located in the historical town of Ferndale off the 211 from 101.  Please use Google map below and click on Directions from your location for best route.  We wish you safe travels and welcome you.

ADDRESS:  400 Berding St, Ferndale, CA 95536