welcome to the celebrated Gingerbread Mansion, the pinnacle of 19th century elegance. This quixotic estate has been meticulously revived to continue its tradition of fostering love and renewing vitality for its guests. Enjoy this startlingly refreshing quality not quite integral to the characteristic of its function of hospitality. The Gingerbread Mansion will not only house your body, but provide inspiration, as it is shelter and an artwork in nature. Soothe your senses; find beauty again in the rooms and gardens of storybook luxury. Its crafted walls ask for the surrender of any thought that is not of its lighthearted Victorian world, only to return renewed vitality to the heart. The Gingerbread Mansion is of the rarer beauties of life. Cultivate colorful memories, set a foundation of love or find it again. Whatever your needs, its doors are open to you. We invite you to step inside.

Featured Special

Birthday & Anniversary Special

Make your next Birthday & Anniversary special with our package deals to celebrate! This package includes all amenities plus much more…(Seta, you can edit this later to whatever you’d like) his module allows you to place anything you want to bring special attention to viewers to whatever seasonal specials apply.

Gift_CertificateSeta, Each of these tabs can be rearranged or changed to your preferences. You can add anything you want to bring to special attention right away.   This is a really good way to next information without making homepage crowded.

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